June 11 -13, 2o2o

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The Crothersville Red, White and Blue 2020 Festival members invite everyone to our ‘Save the Red, White and Blue BBQ’ at Bard Street Park located at 667 East Bard Street in Crothersville, on September 14th, 12-8 pm. “We’ll be having lots of fun with various Live Music from Old School, J& J, and Bethany Worship Band are a few that will be attending.
Numerous Vendors, a BBQ eating contest for ages 5 and up. A Baby Contest for ages 0-12 months and 12-24 months, that is different than any other. Please register your child by contacting Erica for $5 and then put out cans to collect. Bring your can that day and collect until judging. A quarter a vote will decide the winners.
Kids Games, Auto Show, and a closing ceremony for our Veterans to get us started”, stated Erica Gorbett, Festival director.
We may have some other events during the day as well and are hoping to see some of our past Prince and Princess joining us throughout the day from Days Past.
We are looking for vendors to set up for $20 for a 10x10 booth.
Anyone having questions, wanting to set up a booth or help may contact Erica at 812.569.4019 or email at egorbett83@gmail.com.
Media- Chester Jones and Brady Riley at 812-216-0050 or email at cjones@crothersvillerwb.com
Donations-Ashley Ford at 812-498-2208 or ashleynikcoleford@gmail.com And Erica Gorbett 812.569.4019 or email at egorbett83@gmail.com.
Music/Sound and Treasurer- John And Ronda Chastain at 812-521-4325 or johnny.ronda@yahoo.com.
Events-Tracy Karnes at 812.820.3639 or tkarnes@crothersville.k12.in.us.
Bring a comfy lawn chair and join us in the fun and music for the day! All proceeds from this fund raiser will help bring in Activities and things to do for our 2020 Crothersville Red, White and Blue Festival that will be June 11-13th, 2020.

Entertainment Schedule

James Chastain  12:00 - 1:15

Bethany Praise Band 1:30 - 2:45

Old School Band 3:00 - 4:30

Jackson Snelling 5:00 - 7:00